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Leadership: Reflection of our remote Alaskan History

Our grandma's and grandpa's fought for this generation to be treated equally - demanding and exercising our rights for the purpose of access to opportunity for each of our personal self-sustainability. The Flu of 1912 wiped out many, many of us. Because we had no access to vaccines to defend our immune system from outside … Continue reading Leadership: Reflection of our remote Alaskan History

Edward Everett Hale’s Quote

"I am only one but still I am one. I cannot do everything but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything let me not refuse to do the something that I can." These kind of thoughts I find from places such as this American Author as well as Biblical words that … Continue reading Edward Everett Hale’s Quote

Shareholder Rights: Qualitative vs. Quantitative

Here is the thing about leadership. $7.50 vs. $2,500.00 per 1 share. Everything is drilled down to data. We have more AND easier access to information than ever before in history. Leadership is chosen and put into place with the directive of "a goal" to achieve on behalf of people. I will use a hypothetical … Continue reading Shareholder Rights: Qualitative vs. Quantitative

GETTR – TRUMPED OR BUMPED #trump #thedon #gettr

I just joined GETTR to see what it is about. Gettr is actually spearheaded by a former Trump Communications dude - who obviously failed and even then he was BUMPED by TRUMP. God Bless America for being able to have the freedom to create start-up companies. Whether I get the purpose of said start-up or … Continue reading GETTR – TRUMPED OR BUMPED #trump #thedon #gettr