Saying Yes or No to Executive or Board Positions

Here is the the final installment of this series. At least while I contemplate more, experience more, learn more, then return with insights from a different perspective. To me, that is the action of, “life-long learning”. Take Aways: Analyze the inter-personal dynamics of the board. This, in my opinion, is a key factor in yourContinue reading “Saying Yes or No to Executive or Board Positions”

I fantasized for years about a place

…about creating an “abyss” online where I could just scream without words. Just scream this animalistic agony that is so much more gutteral then words can ever describe or capture. I would think how would it work, what would it look like, feel like, and what was the purpose of me obsessing over this forContinue reading “I fantasized for years about a place”

Writing Letters is a Vehicle to Connect to Others

Today is February 11, 2021. It is 8:14 p.m. I was blessed today with one of the most inspiring conversations of my life. The evolution of this conversation reminded me of what hope is. Let me start with the revelation this conversation blanketed me with. One take away is what hope is not. Hope isContinue reading “Writing Letters is a Vehicle to Connect to Others”

Baseline Measure v. Competing to Win

I grew up in my career within the Alaska Tribal Health System. It is a system that is internationally renowned in its statewide governance and decision-making. It also suffers from stigmatism by not carrying that governance and decision-making to the regional entities that provide actual patient care. As such, statistics have not been impressive whenContinue reading “Baseline Measure v. Competing to Win”

Excerpts from the beginnings of my Novel Manuscript

She got married.  I been out of contact with her for a multiple of years again.  But her social media profile showed she was married.  I thought maybe it was a sign that she was ok.  I decided to friend-request  her – after I figured out that people can “follow” me on Facebook and IContinue reading “Excerpts from the beginnings of my Novel Manuscript”

What Rights to Shareholders have?

As a shareholder, former executive and former board member of an Alaska Native Corporation; I have been in the front lines of governance debates. As ANCSA corporations, we are private companies, not publicly-traded companies. The closest thing I’ve been able to uncover in my research on the legal rights of shareholders is in the linkContinue reading “What Rights to Shareholders have?”

The World Report article, “Shutting Down the Internet to Shut Up Critics”..

#humanrights American IT companies are following suit today with other countries like Russia, Germany and Iran..  I do not agree with inciting violence of any means. The World Report linked in this post states that violance actually increased by 4x instead of reducing the threats of violance in countries during heightened unrest. But in America,Continue reading “The World Report article, “Shutting Down the Internet to Shut Up Critics”..”

April 1-30 1978 – Irene’s Diary – Nixon River Cabin

April 1 Babe built a shelf for the kids books and junk. He’s running dogs again. Trudy went to school today. April 2 Babe went to McGrath and got the boat and desk. We moved furniture and I got the house cleaned up. Benny, Betty, Isabelle, and Mike H. came up tonight for awhile, itContinue reading “April 1-30 1978 – Irene’s Diary – Nixon River Cabin”