@Herschel Walker – I love you, Man!

Herschel Walker, a professional athlete in boxing, posted his opinion on Twitter. Among other responses, was a black man calling him, “White Washed”. Why is a call to action for a review to ensure FAIR elections, prompting hatred by men from his own culture? And why is it that being called white-washed ok in thisContinue reading “@Herschel Walker – I love you, Man!”

AMP by Google

Beware that this new AMP application created and promoted by Google targets online news outlets – but for marketing competitiveness – not newsworthiness. And websites that use Google’s AMP application are exalted higher up the Google Search results. This is how “news” and the “freedom of the press” protections have forgotten about news in exchangeContinue reading “AMP by Google”

Search Engine Optimization for Scholastics

Beware: there are other applications of Search Engine Optimization then traditional marketing that is more readily available to find. Scholastic Search Engine Optimization methods are other methods of trickery available to the unscrupulous otherwise known as”bad actors”. For instance, you may find out in the .url source code of an article, or the entire darnedContinue reading “Search Engine Optimization for Scholastics”

Know Your Rights

Three words.  Each, individual word easy to understand. Strung together – those same three words – bears a weight so much more powerful than gravity. I do not think that anyone truly knows all their rights.  Rights being violated are always the baseline for social enlightenment. But what about rights that we do not exerciseContinue reading “Know Your Rights”

‘Hope costs nothing to give, but is Priceless to Receive”…

I made this comment to my friend that I respect and adore, Martha. Fast forward a week or two to today. My mom and I had a date to attend President Trump’s rally in Bullhead City. She and I have the best mother-daughter dates ever in the history of such a thing. I was contemplatingContinue reading “‘Hope costs nothing to give, but is Priceless to Receive”…”

Rose colored glasses and reality

God bless Joe Biden and the rest of the cult. I am an Alaska Native, Inupiaq, Yupik, Russian, Norwegian woman sprinkled with the blessing of additional bloodlines from around the globe. I grew up in rural Alaska – remote Alaska. Villages in the United States of America that Secretary Tommy Thompson described as 4th WorldContinue reading “Rose colored glasses and reality”

Senator Schumer Commits Extortion on Senate Floor – Against his own constituents!!

Charles Schumer blocked a bill to extend the federal unemployment $600 benefit for New York and all American families. He harmed his own New York constituents and ALL American families because he said he will block all legislation unless the ENTIRE House HEROs Act is approved. He blocked the one-week extension of the $600 federalContinue reading “Senator Schumer Commits Extortion on Senate Floor – Against his own constituents!!”

CARES Act v. IHS/BIA budget

IHS Budget Appropriation: IHS Fact Sheet FY 2016: $4.8 billion FY 2017: $5.0 billion FY 2018: $5.5 billion FY 2019: $5.8 billion BIA 2020 budget – $1.9 billion 2020 CARES Act funding for Alaska Native and American Indian Tribes and ANCs $8 billion Department of Treasury Press Release Navajo Nation received $600 million in CARESContinue reading “CARES Act v. IHS/BIA budget”