Saying Yes or No to Executive or Board Positions

Here is the the final installment of this series. At least while I contemplate more, experience more, learn more, then return with insights from a different perspective. To me, that is the action of, “life-long learning”. Take Aways: Analyze the inter-personal dynamics of the board. This, in my opinion, is a key factor in yourContinue reading “Saying Yes or No to Executive or Board Positions”

I fantasized for years about a place

…about creating an “abyss” online where I could just scream without words. Just scream this animalistic agony that is so much more gutteral then words can ever describe or capture. I would think how would it work, what would it look like, feel like, and what was the purpose of me obsessing over this forContinue reading “I fantasized for years about a place”

“Do Not Judge Others”…

Charlie G. Curie was the Administrator for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) – appointed in 2001, by George W. Bush. Charlie came to Alaska Native villages many times while in his role with the U.S. Government. He always said, “There is a place in the Community for Everyone”. I was theContinue reading ““Do Not Judge Others”…”

Self-Dealing, Fraud, & Penalties

Citations Listed How Self-Dealing Works “Self-dealing may involve many types of individuals who work under the guidelines of fiduciary responsibility. They may include trustees, attorneys, corporate officers, board members, and financial advisors, among others. Self-dealing may consist of a variety of actions seeking to inappropriately enrich oneself, such as using company funds as a personal loan,Continue reading “Self-Dealing, Fraud, & Penalties”

Writing Letters is a Vehicle to Connect to Others

Today is February 11, 2021. It is 8:14 p.m. I was blessed today with one of the most inspiring conversations of my life. The evolution of this conversation reminded me of what hope is. Let me start with the revelation this conversation blanketed me with. One take away is what hope is not. Hope isContinue reading “Writing Letters is a Vehicle to Connect to Others”

Integrating is Messy – We are all the ‘Guinea Pigs’ – We are learning through our own existence

I hear a lot of people saying that these are, “the end days” or “the worst time in our history”.  I disagree.  These are the best of times AND also the end days. But the end days of what we are collectively not willing to tolerate anymore.  Americans have a lot of tolerance. Americans haveContinue reading “Integrating is Messy – We are all the ‘Guinea Pigs’ – We are learning through our own existence”

Update: Disaster Declared for Tuluksak, Alaska

Update: Must Read Alaska published an article February 8, 2021. Here is a link to the their article: Disaster declared for Tuluksak Below is my original opinion post from February 7, 2020. It is good to read MRAK’s article above to learn what work the State has been doing with collaborative partners since the fireContinue reading “Update: Disaster Declared for Tuluksak, Alaska”

Saying Yes or No to Board or Executive Positions

In this third installation, I share my ideas that begins to build the foundation of assessing personal risk in deciding to say yes or no to joining or staying in a board or executive position. This topic is one that I have come upon in varying degrees throughout my career.  In an earlier post IContinue reading “Saying Yes or No to Board or Executive Positions”