Just beyond the curtain of anger…

I created this blog to expose myself, so others can recognize moments of themselves through my bare naked truth.  It is not all pretty, positive, and the life of the party – this soul of mine. I have a soul that wants to fight and stand up in the face of wrongdoing I witness happeningContinue reading “Just beyond the curtain of anger…”

I am so angry – because why? 

You will understand by the end of this post why this aged issue was resurrected this week and rattled my cage all over again. Why would this prestigious SEC Investor – Mark Kroloff, have went out of his way to serve himself up as the Expert Witness in the case against me, where I wasContinue reading “I am so angry – because why? “

If Survival is that drive, Resilience is the vehicle.

People study, businesses are built, and careers are made on describing, documenting, and criticizing legacy leaders.  There is a mysterious essence that successful figures hold.  Are they born with it?  Is it a learned characteristic?  Did they make a “deal with the devil” for it?  The gamut runs wide in speculation. What is broadly agreedContinue reading “If Survival is that drive, Resilience is the vehicle.”

The Rest of My Story

It has taken me 4 years of learning on my own about search engine optimization. The http://www.nomenugget.com and http://www.nomenugget.net are internet platforms owned by Nugget Publishing Corporation. This article was written, but it was then manipulated when it was transferred onto the internet. Changing a newspaper article into a “landing page” is for marketing, advertising,Continue reading “The Rest of My Story”

I would stop if the lies would stop

I have been asked more than once recently – in so many words – to stop.  But I did not start a fight. I just cannot lie down, roll over, step aside, be silent, or turn my back on people.  So I have also been asked, “Do you want to be right, or do youContinue reading “I would stop if the lies would stop”

Does Anyone Read this? Ever?

Look, I am a practical person, logical thinker, with deductive reasoning skills. That is the core makeup of Alaska Native’s instinct, innovation, and high-level skill to survive in the Arctic. As such, those teachings passed down through the generations of my family, are transferrable to a wide variety of applications. So for me, human natureContinue reading “Does Anyone Read this? Ever?”

Is Public Media in a Quid Pro Quo Relationship with the Democratic Party?

The purpose of this blog is to showcase how the internet is misused – by “brands” like NPR, PBS, Alaska Public Media, AND the ASSOCIATED PRESS. First, is a quote I pulled from the Democratic Party website from their “2020 Campaign Platform”. The paragraphs below that demonstrate how “Alaska Public Media” articles are Optimized soContinue reading “Is Public Media in a Quid Pro Quo Relationship with the Democratic Party?”

Climate Change Predictions – The Revived Opportunity For Professor Emeritus’ Predictable Return to have yet another day in the Sun..

I have 2 comments (otherwise known as a football minute – or an attorney speaking in billable hours, or the diatribe of a sunsetting lecturer). The point being, bear with me. 1) Regardless of the professional and educational credentials of the scientific researchers conducting these weather prediction or climate change studies – look to seeContinue reading “Climate Change Predictions – The Revived Opportunity For Professor Emeritus’ Predictable Return to have yet another day in the Sun..”

My Auntie Pudden and Uncle Eep

She and I butted heads every time. And that did not define our relationship. Because she is who I went to. She was one of the first community health aides in Alaska. Years later, when I was 26, I went yo her because I was struggling emotionally. I was working as the board secretary atContinue reading “My Auntie Pudden and Uncle Eep”

My next series..ANC Shareholder Rights

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) was made a law December 18, 1971. That title of this law, in my opinion, leaves out the word, “land” on purpose. Because there can only be a settlement between people.  The land and cash was the monetary value of the settlement between the United States and theContinue reading “My next series..ANC Shareholder Rights”