April 30, 2004: Diary Entry

Veronica Slajer gave me a ticket to an Executive Order Signing Ceremony in the Old Executive Offices.  I didn’t know what to expect, but figured I may as well see what this adventure would end up being. I met up with Stephanie Irwin and Willie Hensley to attend the event together.  Veronica Slajer arranged forContinue reading “April 30, 2004: Diary Entry”

February 27, 2004: Diary Entry

I am on a layover in Chicago right now. I’ve decided that I need to keep my laptop in a roller-luggage thingy (heavy). I looking forward to getting home and seeing the family. I had an interesting week. I am excited about the things we can pursue. I made contacts with people from the NationalContinue reading “February 27, 2004: Diary Entry”

February 21, 2004: Diary Entry

I’m traveling to Philadelphia, PA today. I will attend some National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) sessions. Additionally, I’m attending a reception for Senator Campbell-Nighthorse. There will be a FAS/FASD hearing. On Thursday I travel to New York, NY to attend an auction of Alaska Native Art. I don’t know too much about this event,Continue reading “February 21, 2004: Diary Entry”

June 9, 2004:Diary Entry

Today is the procession and viewing ceremony of former President Ronald Reagan. President Reagan passed away several days ago. Today is Congressman Young’s birthday, as well as my daughter, Halie Mae’s 10th birthday. I’m waiting to board my plane back home. I’m excited to get there. I’m excited to come back here again too. (Washington,Continue reading “June 9, 2004:Diary Entry”

January 24, 2004:Diary Entry

I am again on the endless leg of Minneapolis to Anchorage. Our arrival is expected 1.5 hours later than originally scheduled. I am looking forward to going home and spending time with my Dad, Brother, and Daughters. My Aunt Pudden was diagnosed with cancer. She has to undergo chemo. She previously had recoved from aContinue reading “January 24, 2004:Diary Entry”

January 23, 2004:Diary Entry

Yesterday I had substantial meetings with our Congressional Delegation. We let them know the ONLY priority we are focusing on for congressional appropriation funding is for the Community Health Aide/Therapist Program. We have before us the opportunity to make huge improvements in our Native Health Care Arena and to substantially impact the health status ofContinue reading “January 23, 2004:Diary Entry”

January 20, 2004:Diary Entry

Today I met with the National Indian Health Board’s Executive Director and Legislative Director. I shared information on various issues including primarily the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHCIA) Re-authorization, the Indian Health Service Budget Formulation, and possible office space that I could rent from them. I also met with Congressman Don Young and CynthiaContinue reading “January 20, 2004:Diary Entry”

December 21, 2003:Diary Entry

“If you have made mistakes….there is always another chance for you…you may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call “failure” is not the falling down, but the staying down.” Mary Pickford (1893-1973) American Actress It’s funny, I’ve dreamed of buying a house, being an executive, having a college degree.Continue reading “December 21, 2003:Diary Entry”