Words Perpetuate, Create Social Behavior

…within individual cultural groups.  Words can also create an inadvertent definition of accepted norms or beliefs held by a cultural group. In turn, that message (although inadvertently) is then communicated to others – the outsiders. Thereafter, not due to any fault of the outsiders – they now believe an inaccurate perception of a population. “Words areContinue reading “Words Perpetuate, Create Social Behavior”

What Rights to Shareholders have?

As a shareholder, former executive and former board member of an Alaska Native Corporation; I have been in the front lines of governance debates. As ANCSA corporations, we are private companies, not publicly-traded companies. The closest thing I’ve been able to uncover in my research on the legal rights of shareholders is in the linkContinue reading “What Rights to Shareholders have?”

The World Report article, “Shutting Down the Internet to Shut Up Critics”..

#humanrights American IT companies are following suit today with other countries like Russia, Germany and Iran..  I do not agree with inciting violence of any means. The World Report linked in this post states that violance actually increased by 4x instead of reducing the threats of violance in countries during heightened unrest. But in America,Continue reading “The World Report article, “Shutting Down the Internet to Shut Up Critics”..”

April 1-30 1978 – Irene’s Diary – Nixon River Cabin

April 1 Babe built a shelf for the kids books and junk. He’s running dogs again. Trudy went to school today. April 2 Babe went to McGrath and got the boat and desk. We moved furniture and I got the house cleaned up. Benny, Betty, Isabelle, and Mike H. came up tonight for awhile, itContinue reading “April 1-30 1978 – Irene’s Diary – Nixon River Cabin”

@Herschel Walker – I love you, Man!

Herschel Walker, a professional athlete in boxing, posted his opinion on Twitter. Among other responses, was a black man calling him, “White Washed”. Why is a call to action for a review to ensure FAIR elections, prompting hatred by men from his own culture? And why is it that being called white-washed ok in thisContinue reading “@Herschel Walker – I love you, Man!”

AMP by Google

Beware that this new AMP application created and promoted by Google targets online news outlets – but for marketing competitiveness – not newsworthiness. And websites that use Google’s AMP application are exalted higher up the Google Search results. This is how “news” and the “freedom of the press” protections have forgotten about news in exchangeContinue reading “AMP by Google”

Let’s talk about Social Justice

In my recent job interview for the position of Special Assistant to the President for a University; I was asked if I had any questions as we were winding down. I asked the President what the priorities that he wanted to accomplish were. Among other significant goals, he said, “Social Justice.” Being that I amContinue reading “Let’s talk about Social Justice”