Search Engine Optimization for Scholastics

Beware: there are other applications of Search Engine Optimization then traditional marketing that is more readily available to find. Scholastic Search Engine Optimization methods are other methods of trickery available to the unscrupulous otherwise known as”bad actors”. For instance, you may find out in the .url source code of an article, or the entire darnedContinue reading “Search Engine Optimization for Scholastics”

Know Your Rights

Three words.  Each, individual word easy to understand. Strung together – those same three words – bears a weight so much more powerful than gravity. I do not think that anyone truly knows all their rights.  Rights being violated are always the baseline for social enlightenment. But what about rights that we do not exerciseContinue reading “Know Your Rights”

Squatter Rights

I have been struggling trying to identify the weight of the wrongdoing that I have endured, tried to overcome, still suffer from, and without legal relief, see no hope for my life. You see, I chose as a young child, not to be a victim.  I found a way to compartmentalize the victim part ofContinue reading “Squatter Rights”

My Mentor, My Friend: Carolyn

My mentor, Carolyn Crowder is responsible for igniting a flame in me that really wasn’t there before within me. I was hired as a temporary board secretary for the Norton Sound Health Corporation when I was 26. Carolyn was on a much deserved sabbatical when I was hired. Upon her return and leading up toContinue reading “My Mentor, My Friend: Carolyn”

‘Hope costs nothing to give, but is Priceless to Receive”…

I made this comment to my friend that I respect and adore, Martha. Fast forward a week or two to today. My mom and I had a date to attend President Trump’s rally in Bullhead City. She and I have the best mother-daughter dates ever in the history of such a thing. I was contemplatingContinue reading “‘Hope costs nothing to give, but is Priceless to Receive”…”

October 10, 2010 and today; October 10, 2020 – God’s Word

Have I ever shared the love story of my parents? Their’s is a love that was meant to be; just because it is a continuation and the beginning of all eternity. Time and time and time, is mathmetic. What is acknowledged as true, scientifically, is the abyss of infinity. And with infinity validates eternity, longevity,Continue reading “October 10, 2010 and today; October 10, 2020 – God’s Word”

Rose colored glasses and reality

God bless Joe Biden and the rest of the cult. I am an Alaska Native, Inupiaq, Yupik, Russian, Norwegian woman sprinkled with the blessing of additional bloodlines from around the globe. I grew up in rural Alaska – remote Alaska. Villages in the United States of America that Secretary Tommy Thompson described as 4th WorldContinue reading “Rose colored glasses and reality”

Etok, Charles Edwardson, Jr.

Throwback Story inspired from recently found journal May 10, 2015 – Etok was in the news today. He died while whale hunting just like I imagine he would want to. Etok had principles and he made me defend mine. _____________________________ I read Etok’s book, “A Story of Eskimo Power” in 2002. Mike Zacharoff from SaintContinue reading “Etok, Charles Edwardson, Jr.”