My beliefs and more importantly, what are yours?

In my life – that I live out loud – partially through my blog; I sometimes talk about how the Alaska Tribal Health System changed my life. I knew I wanted to be involved with something I believed in and wanted to make a difference. Making a difference to me, does NOT mean: *creating aContinue reading “My beliefs and more importantly, what are yours?”

Pro Se Litigants BEWARE

Judge Richard Posner’s “Negligent Liability” Mathmatical Factor as a baseline against “Due Process” There are two basic opposing rights of (self-represented litigants – Pro Se) to be “balanced” which include: 1. Right to be heard! 2. What process is due? Judge Posner asserts that Courts use the “negligence” liability test (otherwise referred to as, LEARNEDContinue reading “Pro Se Litigants BEWARE”

CARES ACT and Alaskan Native Corporations I am not here to throw a wrench in the arguments published by these Alaska Native Regional Corporation leaders; however this is a very complex issue. The bottom line is that the United States Congress included in the CARES ACT language to include Alaska Native Corporations as Tribes “for the purposes of the CARESContinue reading “CARES ACT and Alaskan Native Corporations”

My life is better because of my brother, Floyd

I was a single mom with 3 daughters, working full-time, and completing my bachelor’s degree at night school in Anchorage. My brother, Floyd was always willing to stay with me and help me with anything I needed. One of the only reasons I was able to work as the youngest ever appointed statewide lobbyist forContinue reading “My life is better because of my brother, Floyd”

Mystery – any Leads Welcome

I wrote a true story, titled, “Too Late” (via my child-view recollection).  It was published in our McGrath newspaper in March 1987, “The Kusko Courier”. We didn’t have cell phones, email, access to internet, and search engines in the way that we have today.  We were still quite reliant on Britannica Encyclopedia books, radio communication,Continue reading “Mystery – any Leads Welcome”

Legal Opinion vs. Media Slant – Does Media Minimize Alaska Supreme Court Opinion?

The article below, with the title, leads the day-to-day reader to believe what the outcome was regarding the legal dispute that went before the Alaska Supreme Court. Alaska Supreme Court rules in favor of critical Native corp. shareholder by Jacob Resneck, CoastAlaska – Juneau – January 12, 2021 This is an example of how mediaContinue reading “Legal Opinion vs. Media Slant – Does Media Minimize Alaska Supreme Court Opinion?”

Family is the Best – enjoying the here and now

I talk about my amazing parents, Irene and Ralph “Babe” Anderson a lot in my blog and in my day-to-day life.  I also talk about life-long learning.  Today, my mom taught me how to make Russian Easter Bread “Kulich”. This is a time-honored traditional bread my dad’s mom (My Grandma Katherine and I am sureContinue reading “Family is the Best – enjoying the here and now”

Lawyers and Legal Fees

Alaska Rules of Professional Conduct – Alaska Bar Association – see the embedded citation. Rule 1.6 (b) A lawyer may reveal a client’s confidence or secret to the extent the lawyer reasonably believes necessary: (1) to prevent reasonably certain: (A) death; (B) substantial bodily harm; or (C) wrongful execution or incarceration of another; (2) toContinue reading “Lawyers and Legal Fees”

Exploring “Unsafe Harbor” The link above is for the article title below: Unsafe harbor — attorneys paid fees from criminal proceeds may be charged with money laundering Fox Rothschild LLP USA November 17 2011 A quote of interest from the article states: …No matter the forfeiture conversation, defense counsel at least had the apparent assurance offered by aContinue reading “Exploring “Unsafe Harbor””