Shareholder Rights: Qualitative vs. Quantitative

Here is the thing about leadership. $7.50 vs. $2,500.00 per 1 share.

Everything is drilled down to data. We have more AND easier access to information than ever before in history.

Leadership is chosen and put into place with the directive of “a goal” to achieve on behalf of people.

I will use a hypothetical village corporation as an example. As an original shareholder, I know these bits of information:

There were 2054 original shareholders, Every original shareholder was allocated 100 shares.

Our corporate leaders recently paid ONE (1) shareholder over $25,000. I will make an assumption that she had a full 100 shares.

It would cost our corporation $51,350,000 to pay 2054 original shareholders $25,000.

2054 original shareholders x 100 shares equals 205,400 total shares in the corporation.

$25,000.00 / 100 shares = $2,500 valuation for ONE (1) share.

$2500.00 per share X 205,400 shares also equals $51,350,000.00.

All the shareholders received a $750 dividend total for their 100 shares .

That means every other shareholder’s stock value is:

$7.50 for ONE (1) share vs. ONE (1) Shareholder’s stock $2,500.00 per ONE (1) share.

Elders don’t have $2,500.00 value for ONE (1) share of their stock.

Their stock is also $7.50 for ONE (1) share.

UNTIL…it is election time. THEN Elders are TREATED like their stock is worth $2,500.00 for ONE (1) share. This is why:

Sometimes elders have more than 100 shares through inheritance over the years of their lives.

Leaders in my story then accomplish even more things on their own agenda:

*They spend less time with the whole of the shareholders, by focusing on the elders with more shares for their votes and influence.

But the elder’s are not worthy of a $2,500 per share distribution like was paid to their friend and niece.

Do you think these leaders went to the Elder’s for counsel, wisdom, and guidance when they made their friends stock value skyrocket up to $2,500.00 for ONE (1) share.

Did these folks tell the Elder’s they should just be happy with their $7.50 for ONE (1) share? Because its about the land and culture, and Elder Calendar?

$2,500.00 for one person vs. $7.50 for EVERYONE ELSE.

2053 original shareholders vs. 1 shareholder.

Backed by leadership.