No one will ever be there

I grew up in the woods.

I learned the hard way that no one will ever be there.


You have to figure out how to survive when you are a child and getting mounted by your cousin who is left in charge of you and your siblings out at a trapping cabin with no communication and no one to save you.

You survive.

And when you turn 21 and tell your mother about it, be prepared for her to scream at you that you are a liar and a slut.

And be prepared to be alone.

Because all those years you were alone as a child and keeping that secret until you got the courage to tell you mother.

You do not know that there is even a possibility of feeling even more alone after telling your mother.

But mother’s have gift.

They leave you high and dry; and abandon you again all over.

A mom is supposed to be where home is.

Do not fall for that.

It is not true.

A mom is only where a mom lays her head, and that does not make a home.

So get over it. There is no one to trust. There is no where to run. No one will save you. No one will stick up for you.

Although your cousin fucked you, your parents sealed the deal. And they continue to.

Good job