Reason’s Not to Kill Yourself. From Someone Who Knows.

Things can suck. They can suck so bad that maybe your life will never be restored to the original self-identity you held of yourself. Not matter how hard and what you overcome to create an “against all odds” definition of yourself.

No matter how people from your birthplace are the ones who stripped away not only your past, your present, your life, and your future – what does not matter – is that stepping on your neck makes them feel stronger about their small fucking selves.

So fuck them. They timed out as soon as their daddies went up to bat for them, or their “mean-girl” high-school bullying has been exposed. Using others for personal game, and personal gain – is a short-term plan.

Leading requires resiliency.

Leading is for the long-game.

Leading is for generations-to-come not for personal ego, personal gain.

Leading is ONLY about PERSONAL SACRIFICE. No matter what the cost.

And the cost is real. The sacrifice is real.


Anytime you feel the way I have felt, hold on.

Anytime you are at your wits end, stand up.

Every time you are knocked down, wait patiently.

Whether you are leading the dog in the yard, the community as a whole, or your own soul, be a leader.

And when I feel like I just want the hurt to stop, I will count on all of us together to lift each other up.

We do not have to step on anyone’s neck to make ourselves feel big.

Fuck that.