Trump Betrayed Alaska’s Future

I am a Gold Miner’s Daughter. We are not rich people. We mine the land because as Indegenous Natives, we know that the land provides.

I have been a stout Trump supporter.

I auditioned for “The Apprentice”. I have been a fan and a believer in his policies.

I stood by him when he would not shut his fucking mouth. Because, he is an entertainer.

But he did not; and I do not know if he ever will – realize the difference between entertainment versus the power He flung around recklessly through the impact his words have on society.

And I know that His greatest fault was when he took the advise of his son, Donny, and turned his back on Pebble Mine in Alaska.

I do not care about who he supports in any election, because He is clearly operating outside of his area of talent when it comes to political leadership.