Senator Murkowski – RINO? HECK YEAH!!!!

RINO defeats a Buffalo

The U. S. Supreme Court agreed that Alaska Native Corporations are considered Tribes under the definition within the Indian Self-Determination Education Assistance Act – which has been the precedent since the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act passed in 1971.

Alaska’s Senior Senator – Lisa Murkowski – worked tirelessly to educate her colleagues and others within and outside the Beltway about the Alaska Native Structure – which differ – ON PURPOSE – from Lower 48 Tribal Reservation Structures.

Those differences and local choices demonstrate BY ACTION what Native American Self-Governance and Self-Determination actually means.

So – Here is to the RINO that did not start the fight with the Buffalo, but certainly finished it as the graceful champion. As only Rino’s can.

Quayanna Senator Murkowski!