These things I hold True..

I met a friend years ago now. She calls me, “True”.

I love her.

I come from a family with nicknames. Being Trudy, there has been a few nicknames for me, but none that ever really gained traction. Trude is who I am. Although, as I say everywhere and anywhere I can, I would and could rock the “Gertie”!!

I was named after my Grandma Grace’s best friend, Gertrude Fondell.

When I was young, I used to joke that, “Thank God my Mom named me Trudy”. (as opposed to Gertrude).

But as these things go, and as time marches on, I realize maybe I was named after Gertrude because we shared an essence of spirit. As a child, preteen, and young woman, I just thought that I was given an “old lady” name. There was never any context, introduction, or story of who this woman was or what she did or why she mattered for my Mom to bethroth her name upon me.

However, this I know: I am so honored to have been named after my Grandma Grace O’Connor-Johnson’s best friend.

I don’t believe I ever met Gertrude. But I would like to know her.

I love her son, John Fondell. He is my friend. I adore him.

It is time for me to explore the mystery of my namesake, Gertrude Fondell.