Tell Your Story

I think that if my “civil lawsuit” was “legal” to “hold me accountable” by this group of “leaders” in front of the world on the world wide web…

Then why is not every board member’s past being held out for “TRANSPARENCY”?

I was railroaded and people feel bad about that.

I have walked through the shaming, shunning and still know who I am, as do many others know me.

I am not dead.

And it is time to rise up.

I am grateful for the support, but I didn’t fight for my name, only.

I fight for every one of your names.

This is about every single one of our value.

It is about asserting our collective songs, stories, history, and place.

No more allowing someone else to sit down by violently taking our place.

No more allowing others to continue to speak down to us.

No more being wiped from our own history.

No more making us feel ashamed or scared, and hijack our children’s future.

That is what keeps me going.

And now, it is time to use your voices too.

Because this Native on Native hate continues only as long as we, Natives, allow it

Avoidance of conflict, is NOT a traditional or cultural value.

It is an Oppressors Value.

Oppression from within our own people.

Tell your story.