Terence is my son. Not to be disrespectful to his mom. In the literal sense, he is my son-in-law. But no, He is My Son.

He began as the Homecoming date of my daughter, Rachel. Then he decided she was his girlfriend. They have grown up together, went to high school and college together, they lived together, and they got married to each other.

They know each other. They like each other.

He calls my daughter, Rachel, “Darling”.

He serves and brings her a dinner plate.

They have a rhythm that does not require words. It is a dance of, “knowing”.

This is what I love about my son, Terence.

Together they have made me a Grandma.

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a Grandma. Alice and Anderson have added another layer of love in my life that I first felt when giving birth to my own four daughters.

The wonderful thing about this is too, is that I have not only one amazing daughter!

I got to have four amazing daughters!

And anything and everything they introduce into our family will only multiply and expand the love and family that we get to embrace and perpetuate all of our collective legacies.

Rachel, Halie Mae, Ema Irene Gayagosee, and Valerie A-K – know this: I am so happy and proud of the women you are and are becoming.

I am your biggest cheerleader!

I love you!

I love who your are!

And I love who you love!