Mystery – any Leads Welcome

I wrote a true story, titled, “Too Late” (via my child-view recollection).  It was published in our McGrath newspaper in March 1987, “The Kusko Courier”.

We didn’t have cell phones, email, access to internet, and search engines in the way that we have today.  We were still quite reliant on Britannica Encyclopedia books, radio communication, and expensive long-distance charges for phone calls outside of the community. It was a modern time, although before the wide-spread impact of technology on the world and rural Alaska.

The Editor of our local paper received a letter from a gentleman in South Carolina that was compelled to write to me about my story, “Too Late”.

I remember vividly my first reaction after reading Mr. Donohue’s letter to me. It was this, “How did he get a copy of the Kusko Courier in South Carolina????”.

I was stunned by that – his words to me were generous, but I was more shocked because of my curiosity of how the paper traveled that far away to end up in his possession.

Secondly, I was also curious why he cared to even pick it up and read it. (Much less, write to me about the story I wrote).

But the, “me” part was and still is overshadowed by the unanswered questions I have about the more interesting questions I am still very curious about.

There seems to be enough clues to locate this gentleman. I tried a bit

Now I am actively asking for help from anyone who might be a few degrees less in separation than I and could move me closer to connecting with Mr. Donohue or his family.

The published written word creates a imprint forever in our collective history.  Letters too, are historical records of great treasure.

“Too Late”, Trudy Anderson