LSAT and life

One of the things about life is understanding the purpose of hurdles that are put in place.

These hurdles are there for the singular purpose of standing between you and your worthiness to even pursue your goals.

One of the things about pursuing law school, is the LSAT exam. I am 50 years old. My first LSAT exam I take tomorrow.

All of my plans I put into place to create the optimal environment while I take this exam began crumbling almost as soon as I made the commitment (i.e. paid the fee) to sit for the exam.

The plans crumbled all the way into this afternoon. But here is the thing.

If I am truly taking the responsibility seriously to represent another humans life (regardless if it is for jaywalking or as serious as murder) I have to have the stamina to show up regardless of what trials my personal life is experiencing.

That is why I believe in the seriousness of the LSAT exam.

Regardless if everything is crumbling down, we all prioritize the importance of our commitments.

Nurturing the ability of separating, trusting yourself, and being light-footed enough to practice agility are all very difficult qualities that I believe make a worthy attorney.

The law is very different in America. It challenges human nature. In America, we are innocent until proven guilty.

That means humans that commit even the most horrendous acts are given the right of innocence and representation by a lawyer on their behalf.

So putting into perspective the levity and responsibility that defines what a lawyer is, makes all the other day-to-day issues fall to the wayside.

And for me, regardless of all my crumbled plans for the perfect environment to take this exam- the most important exam in my life; I know this much.

I am prepared. I honor the purpose. I am so lucky to be able to have this opportunity to take this exam. I never even whispered aloud how much I want this.

So as wiser folks than me have said, do what you can and let go of the rest.