Free Will vs. Pre-Destiny

We are at a point in this pandemic that people are divided. Rightfully so. However, I think of it simply.

It has been 12 months, we have a covid shot which is about as effective as any flu shot – if you keep up on the effectiveness of a flu shot.

The world has literally (and I cannot stand using the word, “literally” in a sentence) shut down, bleached itself, and the new normal is cleaner then it has ever been.

There are delivery and zero contact services of all sorts in place.

The public education has been established like no other in history that I can think of for any public health issue.

People know if they are high risk. Everyone, regardless of being high risk or not, have their own tolerance for risk.

It is time for people to get back to living.

When the #1 public official has recently said that wearing two masks is his recommendation, we know for certain what we have always known. He just does not know. Which he said in the first place.

And I am not being an asshole about this.

But the simple truth is he has said he does not know.

That means to me, he is making recommendations based on his personal opinion not related to direct science.

Some of his personal opinions, I believe, stem from where his mortality rests within the statistics of this virus.

Now I know saying this, that I appear stoic to friends and family that have loved ones who succumbed more directly to this virus.

But what are the comparative statistics of others that have succumbed through increased rates of behavior spikes (suicide, homicide, overdose, etc) over this time period of quarantine?

The comparison needing published is “covid-based” deaths medical doctors have attested to on death certificate statements versus the collective of all other codes on death certificates.

Medical doctors historically have been given free reign to “choose” or “choose not to” attribute deaths based on an “actual cause” or “inconclusive”.

To me, this could shed much light on several things. Like a rate of subjectivity compared to objectivity.

Published by Trudy Sobocienski

My blog, "Beyond Leadership" is a creative place to share my personal feelings and thoughts while working in leadership roles for a variety of Alaska Native organizations, both for and not-for profit entities. An incredible leader and mentor of mine once asked while we were in Washington, DC, "What happened to you between the ages of 7-10 that motivated you to serve in a native leadership capacity". I was struck by that poignant thought and as such, include actual entries from my mother and my diaries beginning in the early 1970's. I enjoy sharing these excerpts because it captures the parallels she and I were experiencing throughout life, from two separate worldviews. Hers as a young mother of four and mine as her eldest child. I have never came across a book on leadership that lays bare a leaders personal feelings, thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams they were experiencing. So for me, my goal is two-fold: 1. Share the incredible life my parents created for my siblings and I growing up in remote Alaska; and, 2) Sharing my humanity, through my personal diaries and journals, while serving as the youngest-ever President/CEO for the Alaska Native Health Board. There are passages that will include significant policy issues I was working on throughout my career and travels. There are many more passages that do not. I cannot speak for my mom's passages, because I am reading them as I share them here, with you; with her permission of course.

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