I am so angry – because why? 

You will understand by the end of this post why this aged issue was resurrected this week and rattled my cage all over again.

Why would this prestigious SEC Investor – Mark Kroloff, have went out of his way to serve himself up as the Expert Witness in the case against me, where I was representing MYSELF? 

I am a simpleton.  I went to Paralegal school.  I am not a lawyer.  Obviously I could not then afford a lawyer, as I cannot now.

One of the first things I was tested on in Paralegal school was, in a civil claim, what would stop you from taking on the plaintiff as a client.

As a simpleton, I answered – why bother if the defendant has no money.

As a defendant in this bogus case, there was no guilty defendant. I was accused of fraud, conspiracy, and conversion.

The financial recipient, Sylvain Analytics, was eventually sued for “debt”.

How can I be sued for fraud, conspiracy of fraud, and conversion when I did not profit or become enriched?

And the recipient of the funds be sued for debt? How is that possible?

Sylvain Analytics – was the business partner of Deloycheet who received the $400k which the then Board President thereafter denied authorizing.

Hpwever, he is recorded on the board audio minutes and in the deposition record admitting otherwise.

I am not so stupid that I would sign my name on the line for a $400k transfer that I would be accused of – as being the beneficiary of. 

If I was going to steal $400k – it would never have made it to Sylvain Analytics bank account. 

Now fast forward to a phone call I receive from Jana Lindemuth.  She was postering because I filed a counterclaim against her client.

She told me, “I am suing you for $400k but if you do not retract your counterclaim, I will attach treble damages – for $1.2 million”.

I laughed and said.  I have no money, I did not do anything wrong – so your $1.2 million is the same as zero dollars.  But I have time, and even if you win I have the rest of my life.

I do not care about titles, credentials, and people brought out guns they did not need for something that has nothing to do with me.

But low and behold, who is Sylvain in bed with now?  Who do I see this week that he is engaging in a joint venture with? Unalakleet Native Corporation.