The Global Military Balance – 2019 List

The following list is sourced from the 2019 edition of “The Military Balance” published annually by the International Institute for Strategic Studies. (Shown in this table by what countries have the most Total military personnel)

FlagCountryActive militaryReserve militaryParamilitaryTotalPer 1,000 capita
Per 1,000 capita
North Korea[119][Note 8]1,280,000600,0005,889,0007,769,000306.150.4
South Korea[147][148]599,0003,100,0003,009,0006,708,000130.511.6
Russia[135][Note 10]900,0002,000,000554,0003,454,00024.36.3
United States[170]1,379,800849,45002,229,2506.84.2
Cuba[41][Note 3]49,00039,0001,146,5001,234,500110.94.4
Iran[75][Note 4]610,000350,00040,0001,000,000127.3
Malaysia[100][Note 7]113,00051,600267,200431,80013.63.6

India operates call centers and tech support centers for many U.S. Companies which hold delicate information of U.S. Citizens.

China has control of a lot of U.S. manufacturing – including medical supplies and prescription drugs.

Both India and China have more military capacity than the United States.

To me, between just those two countries: India has information on the needs of U.S. citizens, the vulnerabilities of U.S. citizens. China has manufacturing control of those needs and vulnerabilities of U.S. Citizens.

That is a bit unnerving.

Double that down with an administration and congress controlled by the appetite of a socialist society in America.

This is the problem I see:

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the revenue center factor in defining the budget surplus, balance, or deficit. The U.S. deficit gets worsened when resource development and manufacturing goods are stymied by the Government.

Technology has become more of a ‘service’ instead a ‘product’ – by their company’s ingenuity. Which has led to a ‘tail wagging the dog scenario’ in our slow moving policymaking structure and court system.

We have an antiquated governance system where longevity has been awarded moreso than effectiveness.

The world does not work on longevity and life-long appointments. The U.S. is in dire need to evolve the systems and structures in place.

In a corporate budget, Research and Development is always a budget item that traditionally gets reduced when there is a projection variance. Charitable expenditures are often reviewed with more scrutiny as well.

Basing a government on a business plan of Research, Development and Charitable expenditures in the forefront is short sited. Especially when safety and security of U.S. Citizens is what is traded to accommodate that policy appetite.

My thoughts for the day…

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