The World Report article, “Shutting Down the Internet to Shut Up Critics”..


American IT companies are following suit today with other countries like Russia, Germany and Iran.. 

I do not agree with inciting violence of any means.

The World Report linked in this post states that violance actually increased by 4x instead of reducing the threats of violance in countries during heightened unrest.

But in America, there has been an ‘association in fact’ racketeering enterprise that has violated the citizen’s freedom of speech rights with a variety of methods to steer and/or stifle public discourse. 

Freedom of Speech protections for the Press is limited.
Publishing Corporations that own  subsidiary “news” companies do not have carte blanche Constitutional protections that supercede individual Citizens rights of public discourse.

“Media manipulation refers to the act of creating an image or argument that favors their particular interests. It includes the use of logical fallacies and propaganda techniques, suppression of information or points of view by pushing them out, by making other people or groups of people to stop listening to certain arguments, or by simply deviating attention elsewhere. Further, media manipulation involves utilizing staff news specialists, self-serving handouts, programmed appearances, and positive and negative reinforcement in dealing with reporters and news media. It is often used as a powerful tool to manipulate masses through modern technologies.”

Many IT companies are also quasi-publishing corporations. 

They cannot be instituting policies outside the U.S. Constitution – under which they are incorporated.

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