April 1-30 1978 – Irene’s Diary – Nixon River Cabin

April 1

Babe built a shelf for the kids books and junk. He’s running dogs again. Trudy went to school today.

April 2

Babe went to McGrath and got the boat and desk. We moved furniture and I got the house cleaned up. Benny, Betty, Isabelle, and Mike H. came up tonight for awhile, it was nice to visit.

April 3

Trudy did school.

April 4

I sewed on a dress for Mom.

April 5

Babe went to McGrath and stayed overnight. I got mad and burnt some tar paper hoping he would see the smoke and come home – but he didn’t. haha

April 6

Anyhow he got home early – 6 a.m. – he took a bath, ate, and slept all day. I kind of laid around all day too.

April 7

Herman G., Ron V., Billy V. and Anita drove up. Anita was pretty drunk and stayed overnight.

April 8

Today is the Spring Carnival at McGrath. Anita drove the Polaris down to McGrath.

April 9

Sunday – Floyd is 10 months old.

April 10

I drove to McGrath to get some groceries. the trail is sure getting soft, kinda rough. I got the mail and gave Mom her dress I made for her. I called Clara – everything is ok & Mom is alright.

April 11

Babe and I washed clothes with electricity. Eep flew up and I flew to McGrath with him to call Don Harris about getting a gold mine & how to go about it. We had spaghetter for supper. Trudy did school.

April 12

I made bread and cinnimon rolls. Babe and I washed more clothes. There’s still more blankets and sheets to wash. It’s really melting. I finally started our taxes so I’ll the taxes tomorrow and mail them. Friday – Trudy did school.

April 13

Babe went to McGrath and got groceries, a battery for the generator, dog food and mail. We fill out a loan application for $10,000 from United Bank of Alaska. I sent the tax paper to Jerry O’Conner for him to figure out.

April 14

Babe went to McGrath again, the trail is getting worse. He wore a raincoat and rainpants and it rained most of the day. I made an Apple Pie and we had Tacos. Trudy did school.

April 15

It’s nice. The kid’s played out all day. Babe is cleaning the yard. I cut out 2 dresses for Mom but my sewing machine wouldn’t work. We’ve been getting up at 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. so I have been getting to bed early. Had a good day.

April 16

I made curtains out of sheets for our bedroom windows, they’re ok. I washed windows and kitchen curtains. Pretty cold all day and the snow did melt. We’re trying to figure how to put partitians up in the bedroom.

April 17

Babe went to McGrath then sent Billy Goog up here to babysit. I flew down. Vic Hooper died and the funeral was today so we had a wake. We saw a guy named Walch who may sponsor Babe, we had a good time. Slept at Googs.

April 18

We got a charge account at ACco and charged groceries, dogfood, and gas to spring out. Freddie and Nonnie came home with us to spring out. We had a little party tonight. Jim D. flew up too.

April 19

We had our first picnic today – hotdogs and beans. Eep flew up with Billy Goog just to visit. Jimmy D few up and brought Johnnie Esai too. Those guys all took off. We drank beer.

April 20

Still sunshining and very warm. The snow has really melted and water is on the river. We washed clothes, Nonnie made bread. Trudy did very poor in school – seemed lazy. The kids played out real good.

April 21

I gave the kids a bath and finished hanging clothes. We had seal meat at lunch. Sure was good. We shot at beer bottles and pucks. I am a very poor shot. Babe and Freddie shot the crossbow.

April 22

Very cloudy, saw mosquitos. Starting on canned meat. Babe and Freddie hunted, no luck.

April 23

Babe, and Freddie started the Backhoe and caught 2 geese. Nonnie made a chocolate cake. Ate.

April 24

Nonnie and I flew to Mcgrath and got groceries, gas and other stuff. We had a barbequed geese for supper. Lucky E. came up and had supper with us. Babe fave the kidsa boat ride on the shore part. Trudy did school ok.

April 25

The kids are playing marbles. Lucky E. came up, these guys hunted, Nonnie made potato salad and I cooked beans. We had a nice meal and drank beer and screwdrivers. We practiced shooting shotguns. I am a poor shot.

April 26

Freddie drove the backhoe and took some of those big roots out of the front yard. The yard is really torn up. Babe laughed.

April 27

Had baked goose.

April 28

Had steaks for breakfast, pork chops for lunch and chicken for supper – have can’t run the genarator for the freezer.

April 29

Their clearing the front yard of stumps – Ice moved. Had spaghetti.

April 30

The kids and I walked down to the end of the lake. We had tea and sandwiches down there. Babe and Fred were cutting trees there.