Broken? Nope-on the Upswing..

I remember this conversation I had with the Director of Behavior Health who I worked with back in the day. I was the board secretary for Norton Sound Health Corporation. I do not recall why it was only he and I preparing for the board meeting, but this is what I remember:

We were talking about depression and suicide.

I commented that people commit suicide during their upswing – not at their bottom.

He stopped in his shoes and asked me, “How do you know that?”

I do not know what I responded.

What I know now, is that an upswing can take forever and ever and ever, way different than a downhill slide.

The downhill slide is easy. and as fast or slow as you want to take it. you will always have people surrounding you and loving you on the downhill.

the upward swing though, is lonely.

The path of least resistance equals the downward slide.

The “in-between” is a teeter-totter.

But people who believe they can create a path of least resistance by jumping back and forth on the teeter-totter – will always lose because the mathamatical fact is that a positive-negative makes a negative.

the beautiful thing is the momentum of an upward swing requires others and together we can extend our legs, lean back fully in our arms length, and feel the breeze on our face as we revel in the victory of work well done.

Welcome 2021 and beyond, we are on the upswing. Interesting further reading: