@Herschel Walker – I love you, Man!

Herschel Walker, a professional athlete in boxing, posted his opinion on Twitter. Among other responses, was a black man calling him, “White Washed”.

Why is a call to action for a review to ensure FAIR elections, prompting hatred by men from his own culture? And why is it that being called white-washed ok in this “super-sensitive politically correct” world?

As an Alaska Native (Inupiaq and Yupik) woman, people tiptoe around the word Eskimo. My Tribe is the Nome Eskimo Community.

If white people can’t say, ‘colored’, ‘eskimo’, or other words, how is it that this person feels entitled, justified, applauded, and areared by calling his fellow man, “white-washed?”.

The Democratic Party is not the black party. The Republican Party is not the white party.