Search Engine Optimization for Scholastics

Beware: there are other applications of Search Engine Optimization then traditional marketing that is more readily available to find.

Scholastic Search Engine Optimization methods are other methods of trickery available to the unscrupulous otherwise known as”bad actors”.

For instance, you may find out in the .url source code of an article, or the entire darned publication for that edition was turned into an image like .jpg or something similar..

Why would a publisher want to make a picture element out of their text?

That is a red flag that they have a backlink with or uploaded the image to a “scholarly” site, such as

Now mind you, I am not saying there’s anything overtly sinister about scholastic sites like studylib.

What I am saying, is when used for sinister purposes, sites like are targets because they bring increased “authority” to said article or publication that links or uploads with that site.

That connection to a scholastic site carries significant weight which helps said article to gain a higher page rank on a search engine because of the algorithms used to analyze value of the data.