Know Your Rights

Three words.  Each, individual word easy to understand.

Strung together – those same three words – bears a weight so much more powerful than gravity.

I do not think that anyone truly knows all their rights. 

Rights being violated are always the baseline for social enlightenment.

But what about rights that we do not exercise because we simply do not realize we own that right?

What about the rights we do not exercise because of social contracts? 

What about the rights we violate because we do not see the larger picture of a situation?

What about the rights we defend so rigorously, that we ourselves violate? 

Why is it that for you or me to win, someone else must lose? 

Why do we have to have the villain or the victim?  The hero or the opposite of the hero?  Why do any of us need a hero?

Why do any of us feel the need to be cast in any role?

We are all flawed. 

We will all fuck everything up.

Whatever your “everything” is to you; and that is a guarantee, equal to death and taxes. 

Why do the people that make the rules get to use them against others?

Why are some that know and get paid to defend others rights create such flawed processes and procedures to manipulate the original spirit of said right? 

Why are our laws based on the lowest common denominator of human behavior and then we wonder why our society, as a whole, is so fucked up? 

I know we all have the same inherent desire for a better reality. 

None of us will ever find a common ground without learning how to make decisions through consensus. 

Roberts Rules of Order is just one example of perpetuating discord, through stringent and procedural manipulative rules created to win “a battle”; while all society then loses the war.

Which includes (in my opinion) feeling like we are all at war – in the classroom, boardroom, courtroom, dining room, newsroom, bedroom..

Thank God for the bathroom, the last sacred place of serenity. 

I just pray for all of us that we rise up and realize that we ARE the beneficiaries of the inheritance that our collective ancestors died to give us.