Squatter Rights

I have been struggling trying to identify the weight of the wrongdoing that I have endured, tried to overcome, still suffer from, and without legal relief, see no hope for my life.

You see, I chose as a young child, not to be a victim.  I found a way to compartmentalize the victim part of me and I turned away from her (me). 

This doesn’t mean I’ve made flawless choices or led a flawless life.  I am very flawed, thank God.  Because He knew me from  a time immemorial through infinity. 

We are a cyclical society, Eskimo people and really all of us, I believe.  So a time immemorial is not abstract to me. 

What has paralyzed me is the power of Google Search, coupled with the malicious manipulation of search optimization tactics.

Reading through my life while sharing my mom and my diary’s has reaffirmed to me who I am and how I became who I am. 

That is solely because of my amazing mother and father.  They are everything to me, time immemorial, through infinity, and back around again.

When I read on Facebook threads that I need to “just get over it” – referring to the Nome Nugget article about me, I am outraged. 

I apply for jobs every day and if I hear anything, I hear, “we’ll get in touch if there’s any interest in you.’.

December 2017, I relocated to California, signed a year lease on a house, financed furnishings, after accepted a relocation check with the signed employment agreement.

 Within 3 weeks I was forced to resign.  When I met with the Human Resources person – they had the prewritten statement for me.  I asked if they conducted a background check. 

He said, “we did not, we read the article online from the Nome Nugget”. 

As humiliating as that experience was, it was even worse the day I physically left that office, a few days prior to this agonizing event.

On that day, the board President came into the office and announced to the Office Manager she was excused for the rest of the day. He also announced that she needed to make sure she locked up the checks before she left.

Every time I apply for a job, step out of my comfort zone ( which had become Netflix and Lifetime movies for women) I get to relive that day again and again.

Every time I submit an application, I have flashbacks of the humiliation that is guaranteed to come next.

My life has been reduced to being curled up in a little ball, hiding in a dark corner, and no way out.

Everything I did to overcome, to make good choices, to work hard, to make a positive difference in everyone’s lives around me to raise daughters as a single mom and raise them to be ladies and also formidable. All those efforts I made to redefine the original victim that I was as a child has been destroyed.

it was hard enough through the years I fought in court without legal representation. I did that because I could not afford $250,000 or more for an attorney. 

I continued to fight because before the trial, I refused to settle with the opposite side.  They demanded me to sign a document stating I breached my fiduciary duty.  I would not, because I did not.

But that isn’t the story that was documented and published by the Nome Nugget Newspaper and then distributed complements of Google Search, on the worldwide web.

The article was written and the coding on the URL that was created was for the purpose of increasing the search engine optimization so that it would show up it the top of the search results, or highest valued real estate on the internet.

And this was done by people from the place I was born.

They have continued to carry on this adverse position of my life by omitting key facts that the there is not fault or guilt to those allegations because the case was settled and dismissed.

So what does this all mean?

This means there is a power of a few, from any obscure hometown like mine. They successfully and illegally laid claim to the property rights of defining to the world who I am, and they can do this to you.  

So no, I will not “just get over it”.

I don’t know who the next “you” will be, or the next “few” that will gather and claim squatters rights to your life on Google Search and a local newspaper. 

But they will. They will and it will hold top real estate – otherwise known as Page Ranking on Google Search.

And that action of adverse possession of your identity is for time immemorial and through infinity, just like mine.

Wikipedia defines Squatters Rights as, “Adverse possession, sometimes colloquially described as “squatter’s rights”, is a legal principle under which a person who does not have legal title to a piece of property — usually land — acquires legal ownership based on continuous possession or occupation of the property without the permission of its legal owner.”

Google Search results is the new real estate and I am not willing to allow this to happen to me – or the next you.


Published by Trudy Sobocienski

My blog, "Beyond Leadership" is a creative place to share my personal feelings and thoughts while working in leadership roles for a variety of Alaska Native organizations, both for and not-for profit entities. An incredible leader and mentor of mine once asked while we were in Washington, DC, "What happened to you between the ages of 7-10 that motivated you to serve in a native leadership capacity". I was struck by that poignant thought and as such, include actual entries from my mother and my diaries beginning in the early 1970's. I enjoy sharing these excerpts because it captures the parallels she and I were experiencing throughout life, from two separate worldviews. Hers as a young mother of four and mine as her eldest child. I have never came across a book on leadership that lays bare a leaders personal feelings, thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams they were experiencing. So for me, my goal is two-fold: 1. Share the incredible life my parents created for my siblings and I growing up in remote Alaska; and, 2) Sharing my humanity, through my personal diaries and journals, while serving as the youngest-ever President/CEO for the Alaska Native Health Board. There are passages that will include significant policy issues I was working on throughout my career and travels. There are many more passages that do not. I cannot speak for my mom's passages, because I am reading them as I share them here, with you; with her permission of course.

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