‘Hope costs nothing to give, but is Priceless to Receive”…

I made this comment to my friend that I respect and adore, Martha.

Fast forward a week or two to today. My mom and I had a date to attend President Trump’s rally in Bullhead City. She and I have the best mother-daughter dates ever in the history of such a thing.

I was contemplating this monumental event and the joy and hope our President gives.

Then my mind wandered back to the fact that he transferred all his assets and company controls — without being told to or expected to – as he moved into his role as the United States President of America.

As I was so blessed with the events of this day, it struck me.

He gave away his property, authority, control, and power.

Why would anyone do that?

Because he recognized that the hopeless will only receive a message of hope from someone who is truly sharing it freely.

God Bless America, God bless President Donald J. Trump.