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The Face of the Child – Sexual Abuse Stays in the Child’s Eyes and their lens of how they see the world

The filter that you see the world forever more through your eyes

I am wicked pissed.

The benefit of the doubt given to monsters because of who they are instead of what they do.

Look at this picture.

I ‘googled’ a search for images of powerful adults over children. There is nothing – no images on this globally dominated search engine we call Google.

I am sickened that people I know and respect will pick a part the person who lost their mind because of the insanity of the powerlessness they knew they were under.

At the same time, the predator keeps his composure, uses his resources, and gaslights the woman by saying she is crazy, jealous, unstable, oh and my favorite – “looking for attention” and has her arrested.

This is just enough to make me feel hopeless and suicidal. How can I have hope anymore when I have held on through the worldview and lens that I did?

Where is the hope when the people protect the predator?

We are all supposed to have a place in society.

Did someone not tell me that our Inupiaq and Yupik culture is that children like me were just sexual toys?

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