October 10, 2010 and today; October 10, 2020 – God’s Word

Have I ever shared the love story of my parents? Their’s is a love that was meant to be; just because it is a continuation and the beginning of all eternity. Time and time and time, is mathmetic. What is acknowledged as true, scientifically, is the abyss of infinity.

And with infinity validates eternity, longevity, a snapshot in time, a moment, 15 minutes of fame, and a love that transcends time; because the fact remains that love conquers all.

Today is my parents 51st anniversary.

They met in Fairbanks Alaska on a double date. They were the date of the other two on that occasion. It was a Friday night. October 3rd, 1969.

5 hours after my mom and dad met each other while on a double date where they were not dating each other; my dad proposed to my mom.

They were married 7 days later, October 10, 1969. They have been together, they know each other, they (guaranteed) resented each other, and have this magnetic pull toward each other that obstacles cannot break. Even if they were the obstacle from time to time.

I have been so blessed to have these parents who are truly each other’s other half. They balance each other. Their love is what has been my guiding light and my North Star.

I share some incredibly private experiences of my life. Most of which my parents never knew was happening.

And the reason they didn’t is because they talked to me, they had my back. When I was around 12 or so, my dad told me that he had to rely on the values he taught me up to that point, because i was going to turn into a teenager that doesn’t believe anything he has to say.

But more than saying that, he and my mom actually believed and followed through with giving me the wide open space to explore life, make mistakes, fail, act like an ass, and succeed without apology.

Forever and always, I am first the daughter of Babe and Irene Anderson. I strive to not fuck that up colossally.

I love you, Mom and Dad