Senator Schumer Commits Extortion on Senate Floor – Against his own constituents!!

Charles Schumer blocked a bill to extend the federal unemployment $600 benefit for New York and all American families.

He harmed his own New York constituents and ALL American families because he said he will block all legislation unless the ENTIRE House HEROs Act is approved.

He blocked the one-week extension of the $600 federal unemployment benefit.

3 days from now, American families will not have that $600 to pay for food, housing, electricity.

Schumer will still get his huge salary from the U.S. Government!!

Schumer’s single-handed action physically harms American families.

Schumer stated that unless an entire bill that he supports is passed (without compromises and legislative due process), he will block ALL legislation.

He committed criminal extortion using American families health and survival as his weapon.

American families are NOT chips in a poker game!!

Schumer has crossed the line into criminal extortion ON THE SENATE FLOOR!!!