Gaya dropped her latest song!


For those who may not know my daughter, Ema, here’s a brief introduction.

Currently, Ema lives in New York City. She was 14 when we went to Times Square, as a part of our family vacation. She told me that day that she was going to move to NYC. She was enamored with the urban vibe.

I moved Ema to Los Angeles (from Alaska) when she was 16. She was signed by an fashion agent while we were in Phoenix and she needed to be living there for casting calls and photo shoots.

Ema was a headliner in LA Fashion week for several years and modeled for many acclaimed designers. One of which you can find on the show, “Growing Up Hip Hop” and another who competed on “Project Runway”.

Ema is published in a variety of fashion magazines. She is a high performing creative.

As a musical artist, Ema chose to be identified by her Inupiaq name, Gayagosee or Gaya for short.

“My Man Is a Demon” and Gaya’s other singles are on SoundCloud! (Disclosure: there is some explicit language).

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