Diary:August 15, 2003

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DHHS Secretary Tommy Thompson

What an incredible several months I’ve gone through. Not only me, but my co-workers, my family and friends as well. Last Friday, August 8, 2003, Department of Health and Human Services Administration Secretary Tommy Thompson thanked me at a dinner in Anchorage for agreeing to facilitate the Region X Tribal Consultation.

This was a huge honor to hear and be a part of. When I was a little girl living at our trapping cabin, my dad would tell me that I would accomplish more than he or my mom ever did. When he said this to me, I wanted to cry. I remember the feeling like it was yesterday. And I say yesterday, because today that conversation no longer makes me want to cry. Today I understand that wish is one that a parent should aspire to for their child.

Today I believe that I have fulfilled my father’s prophecy for me. And today I am greateful that is is alove to know that. Because in my success, freflects my father and mother’s success as well.

I believe as parents, it is our job to leap frog the next generation beyond ourselves for the survival of our being.

I am truly blessed to have a mother who is the strongest and smartest woman as a role model. I am equally blessed to have the most eloquant, insightful, and caring father as a role model.

I pray that those traits are reflected in me as I strive to be an inkling of a human as each of them are and to make as much as an impact on my children’s lives as they have on mine.

Without my family I would not exist.

No matter what I do externally, I get to go home and call my parents and be a child again. What a joy. What a privilege. This is my prayer and hope for all, children and adult.