May 1, 2004

Yesterday I volunteered to give up my seat for a ticket and had a free night in Memphis, TN. (In between one week of meetings on the east coast to a convention in Florida).

It happened to be the weekend of an annual music festival. Four stages in a park with different musical acts were playing all day long. I got downtown Memphis around midnight when it the festival was ending.

There happened to be a nice girl in my shuttle and she agreed to go down to the famous Beale Street where Elvis used to play. BB King has a restaurant/bar there too.

Today when I returned to the airport, I saw Dennis, a member of the Temptations. He was going to Birmingham, VA I believe. What an interesting night. I rented a taxi roundtrip to Mississpi’s Grand Casino. I didn’t stay long, but the drive was nice.

I’ve realized that when I travel alone, I am more apt to meet people and reach out, relate, visit and not be as skeptical of hidden agendas.

This trip has refreshed my sensibility that people are good.