February 27, 2004: Diary Entry

I am on a layover in Chicago right now. I’ve decided that I need to keep my laptop in a roller-luggage thingy (heavy). I looking forward to getting home and seeing the family.

I had an interesting week. I am excited about the things we can pursue. I made contacts with people from the National Library of Medicine, American Indians in Science/Engineering Society, etc.

I called my assistant and asked her to create a database of contacts in the media that we may reach out to in the future with press releases. I am going to keep a database of information of people as well. This will help to keep track of follow-up needed resulting from theses meetings while I am traveling.

In each Friday Report to the membership I am going to strive to include a “message from the President” section to keep the board interested and aware.

It was exciting to attend the Alaska Native Arts Foundation event at Sotheby’s Auction House in New York, NY. The lecture portion of the event will go a long way to help the perceptions and understanding of not only Alaska, but more importantly, Alaska Native People and Culture. I believe if we can see ourselves on television, in mainstream America as value-added citizens, this will go a long way toward hope. There is an international resurrection of cultural reawakening. It is a blessed time in history.

The event (at Sotheby’s) was a landmark in time.

In addition, I was able to attend a historical Republican Summit to discuss Native Issues.