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Pro Se Litigants BEWARE

Judge Richard Posner’s “Negligent Liability” Mathmatical Factor as a baseline against “Due Process” There are two basic opposing rights of (self-represented litigants – Pro Se) to be “balanced” which include: 1. Right to be heard! 2. What process is due? Judge Posner asserts that Courts use the “negligence” liability test (otherwise referred to as, LEARNEDContinue reading “Pro Se Litigants BEWARE”

CARES ACT and Alaskan Native Corporations I am not here to throw a wrench in the arguments published by these Alaska Native Regional Corporation leaders; however this is a very complex issue. The bottom line is that the United States Congress included in the CARES ACT language to include Alaska Native Corporations as Tribes “for the purposes of the CARESContinue reading “CARES ACT and Alaskan Native Corporations”


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