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A few days ago, Ms. Sylvia K. Alston posted this on LinkedIn. She says, “We TOO are America.” I responded (admittedly harshly). I stated, “See this shit is ridiculous. I am an Inupiaq, Yupik Eskimo woman in America. I do not appreciate the ‘victim’ message of you suddenly being America. You are perpetuating a victimContinue reading “Do Better…”

Words Perpetuate, Create Social Behavior

…within individual cultural groups.  Words can also create an inadvertent definition of accepted norms or beliefs held by a cultural group. In turn, that message (although inadvertently) is then communicated to others – the outsiders. Thereafter, not due to any fault of the outsiders – they now believe an inaccurate perception of a population. “Words areContinue reading “Words Perpetuate, Create Social Behavior”

The World Report article, “Shutting Down the Internet to Shut Up Critics”..

#humanrights American IT companies are following suit today with other countries like Russia, Germany and Iran..  I do not agree with inciting violence of any means. The World Report linked in this post states that violance actually increased by 4x instead of reducing the threats of violance in countries during heightened unrest. But in America,Continue reading “The World Report article, “Shutting Down the Internet to Shut Up Critics”..”


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